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Philanthropists and innovators, friends and neighbors....

Al and Keith Toney have been partners in life and business for 24 years. Originally from Massachusetts, the pair found, and immediately fell in love with, Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica on one of their first vacations together over two decades ago. They traveled the country nearly each year thereafter, dedicating each limited and precious vacation they had to exploring all of what Costa Rica had to offer.

After 7 years of trying to figure out the how, when and where, and then the how all over again, they finally purchased their first property in 2008. Their home was a vacation rental until they officially relocated to Costa Rica in 2015.

The Toneys’ lives were very different before they ever even considered selling property in Costa Rica. Al’s fulfilling, yet traumatic, background was in law enforcement as a police officer, while Keith’s background was a long and painful torture in corporate finance. Together they started their own professional development training consultant company through which they trained thousands of people across the US, specifically on matters pertaining to diversity and inclusion, and board, program and department development, with clients ranging from schools and universities, non-profits and corporations.

They were prolific activists, both civilly and politically, and were frequently consulted on matters pertaining to civil rights, and personal freedoms. They left it all behind when they relocated to Costa Rica, where the local demand for property management kept them busier than they had anticipated. While their civil activism led to stable stairs leading to Playa Blanca! (Next is a railing!)

Dabbling in property sales began as a hobby and has since flourished into what is now Casa de Mañana Properties. Once again the Toney’s find themselves on a new venture that they never anticipated. Like always, their individual skills compliment the other, and therefore their business.  While Keith is running the business behind the scenes. and building this website, Al is the front man making it all happen!  And talking, and talking and talking!  (Reminder:  Keith is creating this website….!)

Both have always prided themselves on their work ethics, and what they do for the community at large. Seeing others benefit from what they can do, while they can still do the things they do, makes the world a better place for everyone. They hope that energy resonates and draws the same energy to the neighborhood! 

The Toney’s agree that living on the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, which has been declared one of the worlds Blue Zones, has been one of their greatest decisions. There are only five places in the world that have been declared Blue Zones, which are places “where people live the longest, and are healthiest.” Learn more about what you can find in this amazing area on our page about beautiful Guanacaste.

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